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2018 Style Guide

Interior Design 2018 Style Guide by World of Style

Need some help trying to work out your personal design aesthetic? Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own home or you simply love interior design, you’ll be enthralled by the bold designs and exciting aesthetics that World of Style has in store for 2018.

First, take our World of Style Quiz to find out whether you're more Classic, Contemporary, Designer or Resort, and then download our style guide to find out how you can recreate your favourite interior design styles in your own home.

Download 2018 Style Guide

Your Interior Design Style Guide for 2018

As experts in interior design, we have put together the key design elements for your favourite World of Style themes. Whether you're more Classic, Contemporary, Designer or Resort, this handy Style Guide can show you how to create the look in your own home.

This eBook is your handy ‘how-to’ guide to interior design, with style tips and tricks to create a well-designed home. 

Discover how to style your home with confidence;

  • Identify your interior style
  • Get to know the 2018 colour, paint and wallpaper trends
  • Avoid interior decorating mistakes
  • Be inspired by our curated design themes

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2018 Interior Design Style Guide

Download our style guide to find all the secrets to recreate your favourite style in your own home.

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